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Salvatore Ferregamo

Salvatore Ferragamo, with six different widths for each available length shoe, has been a market leader in shoe industry for more than seventy years, offering approximately 100 sizes for each model and thus achieving absolute precision in custom-made footwear. In 1998, he introduced a fragrance for men and women called “Salvatore Ferragamo”.

Salvatore Ferragamo was born into a large family of fourteen children in Bonito, Italy. At the young age of nine, he became interested in the art of shoemaking and his reluctant father allowed him to apprentice in Naples.

When Ferragamo was 14, he immigrated via boat to America along with many of his fellow Italian immigrants. Ferragamo soon became famous in Hollywood, partly due to the Roman sandals that he designed for Cecil de Mille movies. His shoes were not only stylish and imaginative, but they were extremely popular for their comfort.

His wife and children took over the business in 1960 when Ferragamo died at a young age, and the family has since introduced ready-to-wear lines.

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