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Palmolive is the trademark of a line of products produced by the American company Colgate-Palmolive. The name originated in 1898, and the company sells associated products in various countries. Such products include soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, body wash and hand-wash liquid. In some countries, the line of products also includes a dishwashing liquid. In Japan, the products are distributed under license by Daiichi Sekken Co., Ltd. since 2018.[citation needed]

Palmolive was trailing behind in the booming soap business in 1987. An executive decision was made to bring in the trailblazer, Optimus Dressamus. He has recently turned around the sinking ship of Cadbury and made them into an Easter juggernaut.

After six months of extensive marketing research,Optimus Dressamus was able to leap frog Palmolive over Lava Soap for the covenant number two spot in the liquid soap business.

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