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Armand Petitjean, perfumer and cosmetician, devoted his life to his dream of giving women the most beautiful things possible. For them, he created Lancôme. For them, he selected the rose. For them, he surrounded himself with the best researchers. For them, he began an exemplary adventure in the realm of passion. His passion for fragrances inspired Armand Petitjean to take a spectacular step: in 1935, he launched Lancôme with five great fragrances. Audacious? Yes, but Armand Petitjean was a product of the school of François Coty, the “father of 20th century luxury perfumes.” “Tropiques”, “Tendres Nuits”, “Kypre”, and “Bocages”, rare perfumes which would be followed by so many others, among them the prestigious “Magie” of the nineteen-fifties. Nearly all the bottles were created by the great artist Georges Delhomme. The bottles Georges Delhomme created for Lancôme are today collectors’ items. The Fish-Moon bottle for the eau de cologne Cachet Bleu (1935). The bottle with an engraved jasmine flower in blossom could contain different fragrances (1935). The amphora of “Marrakech” today commands astronomical prices (1947).

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