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Loris Azzaro in his own words: My parents were Italian but I was born in Tunisia and I passed all my youth. There is to say if I am inhabited by Méditérranée, the sun, sand and the blue color. The operas which fredonnait my father, the cakes of my mother, the dresses which bent my grandmother, odors of Méditérranée… These memories of childhood accompanied me all the life and there are present in my creations. The meetings guided my life. As of my childhood, I was surrounded by very eclectic people. Then adult, I had the chance to have a trade which enabled me to make marvelous meetings of truths thunderbolts. It is a great happiness and an extraordinary enrichment to share simple moments of the life with people that one likes. I adore to like, it is what I like more. Loved and loved being, it is that the life. I acknowledge to have had an extraordinary chance, that to make the trade which I had chosen and to succeed. The sea became my favorite mode of expression. But how to imagine a line, a femininity without the exalter by a perfume? And especially how to approach my perfumes without evoking the Mediterranean, the love, the sun, the seduction… My sources of inspiration. I let myself carry by the atmosphere of the country of my childhood with his spiced odors, his colors, his flowers, his perfumes. It is the country where I become again really myself, the country where my preferred color is everywhere, azure of the sky and the sea. The blue color is the color which suits me.

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